Write A Letter To The Editor Of Newspaper About The Evils Of Dowry System


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The Statesman

Kolkata – 700001


Sub: Evils of Dowry System

        I like to voice my views on the evils of the dowry system of our society. The system has eaten into the sanctity of the institution of marriage. It is a most cruel curse in our social life. The parents of the groom are always in the bargaining position. They demand handsome cash and costly kinds to the parents of the bride who are thus put to great financial pressure. The father of the girl is sometimes compelled to sell lands or other properties to settle the marriage. The in-laws of the girl want costly articles to be brought by the bride with her and in default she is teased or tortured. The cases of bride burning are regularly reported in the newspaper. The grooms in most cases are silent spectators or parties to this cruelty. This is why a daughter is looked down upon as an unwelcome child in the family.

You are, therefore, requested to write an editorial on this issue to generate public opinion against the dowry demand and to pass laws to punish the offenders.

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