My Hobby Essay । Paragraph on My Hobby

A hobby is voluntary work done during leisure. It is love’s labour. I have a hobby. We have a piece of open land close to our kitchen. I got into the habit of working there when I was twelve. Every afternoon I work for an hour in the garden. I use a spade to turn over the soil and level the land.

I sow some seeds. In a week they come up. Gradually they grow. The waste water of the kitchen is drained out through the garden. I tend the plants and water them regularly. Their growth, colours and fruits fill my heart with joy. On Sundays I sit for hours in the garden looking at the buds coming up, branches bowing in the breeze.

My parents, however, help me in my work. They pay for the seeds and manure. At times mother plucks vegetables for cooking. Besides, I plant some flower plants round the garden. The flowers add beauty and grandeur to the garden. My hobby pleases me and pays my family. It combines pleasure with profit. It develops a sense for beauty and joy in nature.

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