Top 10 Uses of Computer


The importance of computers in education is nothing new. In a word, today’s education world is completely dependent on computers. Information such as school or college, university student register or admission information, test results, question papers, letters, bills, or order items to buy college items, everything is now computer-aided. Now with the introduction of the online education system, students can easily get degrees from various schools and colleges abroad. There is no need to go far for this. In addition, the scope of work of students, teachers, and scientists has increased abnormally through the Internet, which has taken civilization far and wide.


The use of computers in business and commerce has brought an impossible speed. The use of computers to send and receive up-to-date information through the Internet with distant merchants, to keep track of sales and stocks, has brought another dimension to the business world. The use of computers in various offices and court work has brought another dimension. Shares can also be traded by trading online in the stock market through computers. We can say that this computer is at the root of creating strong business ties between every businessman in the world today.


Computers are being used in the design, manufacturing, quality control, etc. of various machines in the field of engineering. Nothing is possible without computers, as there are largely mechanical and construction companies or heavy engineering companies today.


The use of computers in publishing and printing has brought about a radical change. Digital printing has replaced the usual method of printing, manual composing has been replaced by computer composing. Many high-quality compositions have been made using graphics through various DTP software. As a result, the printing quality has become much better than before, a lot of effort and time has been reduced.


The contribution of computers in the medical field has added another dimension. Nowadays various physical examinations are done through the computer. In large hospitals, the patient is monitored through a monitoring system with a computer next to the bed. Computers are also being used for X-rays, ECGs, various pathological tests, etc. nowadays. This subject belongs to the whole of medical electronics. With the advancement of medical electronics in the field of flat medicine day by day, more and more complex operations and various kinds of tests are possible today.

Scientific research

In the field of scientific research, it is not possible to think without computers. The use of computers has opened a new horizon in every field of science like physics, chemistry, biology. Computers are the most important instrument in space research. The satellites that are being sent into space are all controlled by scientists sitting on the earth through computers. Now there are various computer-powered robots, which people could not even think of a few days ago. This type of robot is now available in China-Japan for homework.

Weather forecast

Nowadays the meteorological office collects information about air pressure, speed, heat, rainfall, etc., analyzes them with the help of computers, and makes accurate predictions based on it. This work involves taking pictures of different places from space through various remote-controlled satellites and analyzing them through software and analyzing advanced information about rainfall, air pressure, water vapor concentration, the temperature in different parts of India and around the world

Ticket reservation system

Most railway stations have now introduced a computerized ticketing system. In addition to ordinary tickets, it has been very convenient to make reservations. Through the network of Indian Railways and various airlines, tickets for certain trains or planes can now be booked and printed from home.


Computers are now being used in sports as well. Players are being trained well in various coaching centers by analyzing computer, football, cricket, volleyball, judo, karate, boxing training computer animations and video recordings of big players. Moreover, now with the advent of high-quality cameras, electronic systems, computers, etc., there is no more chance to cheat.


The use of computers has led to the use of various special effects and workers in movies nowadays. Many people may have seen the protagonist jumping from the top of a hill or a high place in the movie, setting fire to big buildings and cities. These are the latest software applications on the computer. One more thing that has been added to this is animation. The result is movies like Jurassic Park, Anaconda, Harry Potter.

A Computer is a fast and accurate electronic device capable of performing arithmetic and logical operations. It accepts raw data as Input, Processes it according to the sequence of instruction provided by the programmer, and produces the desired output. It is also capable of storing data.

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