It All Began With Drip Drip Questions and Answers Class 6

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It All Began With Drip Drip Questions and Answers

Tick[✓] the correct alternative:

(a) The tiger took shelter near the house of (i) an old woman (ii) an old man (iii) a neighbour.

(b) The old woman was (I) soft-spoken (II) Ill-tempered (III) shy.

Ans – (II) Ill-tempered

(c) The tiger thought drip-drip was (i) the constant falling of rain (ii) the name of a man (iii) a creature.

Ans – (iii) a creature

(d) Bholenath was an (i) farmer (II) weaver (III) potter.

Ans – (III) potter

Rearrange the following sentences In the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) She pushed her bed around the room to keep it dry. [4]

(2) The tiger took shelter outside an old woman’s hut. [2]

(3) Bholenath was looking for his donkey. [5]

(4) A tiger was caught in a storm. [1]

(5) Bholenath saw an animal huddled against the wall of the woman’s hut. [6]

(6) The old woman was III-tempered that night. [3]

Answer the following question

What do you think would Bholenath’s reaction if he knew that the animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger?

Answer – I think if Bholenath knew that animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger he would screamed in fear and ran away.

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The tiger was frightened because he felt the wall shake and thought the “drip-drip” must be a very dreadful creature.

(b) Bholenath’s wife screamed in fear when she discovered the tiger tied to the tree in the morning.

(c) Disturbed and confused by the people, the tiger chewed through the rope and ran away to the jungle.

(d) Bholenath announced proudly that he had captured the tiger last night and even pulled its ears.

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did Bholenath bring the tiger home?

Ans: Bholenath mistook the tiger for his donkey in the stormy night and brought it home, thinking he had found his missing animal.

(b) What made the neighbours come running out of their huts?

Ans: The neighbors came running out of their huts when they heard Bholenath’s wife scream in fear after discovering the tiger tied to the tree.

(c) Why were the villagers relieved?

Ans: The villagers were relieved when the tiger, disturbed and confused by all the people, chewed through the rope and ran away to the jungle.

(d) How did the king reward Bholenath for his bravery?

Ans: The king was highly impressed by the news of Bholenath’s bravery and made him the Commander-in-chief of the king’s army. Bholenath and his wife were also given a huge house to live in.

Write ‘T. for true and T. for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) Bholenath did not know how to ride a horse. [T]

SS: I don’t even know how to ride a horse.

(b) The king sent Bholenath a magnificent elephant. [F]

SS: In the morning, the king sent Bholanath a magnificent stallion.

(c) The enemy soldiers were happy to see Bholenath. [F]

SS: The enemy soldiers were astonished to see a wild-looking man tied to a fierce stallion.

(d) Bholenath defeated the enemy soldiers single-handedly. [T]

SS: Everyone was amazed that he had defended his state all by himself against eight thousand enemy soldiers.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences: 

(a) Why was Bholenath full of despair? 

Ans: Bholenath was full of despair because he had been made the Commander-in-chief of the king’s army, but he did not know how to ride a horse. He felt helpless and worried about how he would defend their borders against eight thousand enemy soldiers.

(b) How did his wife help him to overcome his trouble? 

Ans: His wife helped him by tying him securely to the horse with a rope, ensuring that he wouldn’t fall off despite his fear and lack of skill in riding.

(c) What made the enemy soldiers greatly scared? 

Ans: The enemy soldiers were greatly scared when they saw Bholenath tied to a fierce stallion, waving branches excitedly. They mistakenly thought he was a great warrior who had come single-handedly to defeat them, causing them to flee without putting up a fight.

(d) Do you think Bholenath could truly be called a legendary character? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, Bholenath could truly be called a legendary character. Despite his initial fear and lack of skills, circumstances made him appear incredibly brave and formidable to the enemy soldiers. His accidental bravery led to an unexpected victory, and he was celebrated for his courage and cleverness, earning him a prominent place in the king’s favor and in the annals of his state. This mix of luck, perception, and outcome often characterizes legendary figures.

Read the following sentences. Underline the the Nouns which indicate either a state of being or a quality of mind:

(i) The king is known for his kindness.

(ii) The beauty of the flower attracted me.

(iii) Childhood is fun.

(iv) India attained freedom in 1947.

Form abstract nouns from the following words:

(i) dark – darkness
(ii) adult – adulthood
(iii) amaze – amazement
(iv) disturb – disturbance
(v) confuse – confusion
(vi) sweet – sweetness

Underline the words that indicate a group of people, animals or things taken as a whole:

(i) I saw a crowd in front of the shop.
(ii) A herd of cattle is passing by.
(iii) Our school cricket team has won.
(iv) A bunch of flowers was kept in the vase.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collective nouns given in the Help Box. One is done for you:

(i) A posse of policemen marched by.

(ii) I bought a bunch of grapes from the market.

(iii) A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.

(iv) I saw a swarm of bees buzzing around.

(v) The class is very noisy.

Underline the words in the following sentences that can be counted. Circle the the words that cannot be counted:

(i) I am reading a book.

(ii) Iron is a useful metal.

(iii) Snowy is his pet dog.

(iv) She has long hair.

Read the sentences carefully and put the underlined words in the correct columns:
(i) Milk is good for health.
(ii) The door is closed.
(iii) I bought a kilo of sugar from the market.
(iv) Children play with toys.

Countable NounUncountable Noun
Door, Children, ToysMilk, Sugar

Find words from the text nearest in meaning to the words given below:

(a) kingly: regal
(b) sorrow: grief
(c) surprised: astonished
(d) afraid: fearful

Imagine you are caught in a storm while returning home one night. Write a short paragraph in about sixty words describing your experience. Use the following hints: returning from aunt’s place- sky darkened- wild wind-rain- no one around- how you reached home

Ans: As I was coming back from my aunt’s house, the sky suddenly turned dark. The wind started to blow wildly, and heavy rain poured down. There was nobody around, and I felt scared. I hurried towards home, trying to find shelter from the storm. Finally, after what felt like forever, I reached home drenched but relieved.

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