My Favourite Game Essay On Football

Games encourage children to participate socialize corporate and team up. Games allow them to experiment with situation toughen them up physically and mentally. Like every Bengali I too have a craze for football. It is my passion. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This is reality according to me it is the most interesting an exciting game. No other game involves us much thrill and excitement even cricket is not as exciting as football. Football is a body contact and there is a constant action. Eleven players a team battle to score goals within usually 90 minutes. and a referee conducts the game the game of football develops in a player team spirit, endurance and weakness of reflexes.

It involves more speed and physical agility than any other game. Being a body contact game, it acts as stimulus to the intrepid spirit of youth. The dribbling and the diagonal passes delight not only me. But also all spectators. The spectators get involved unknowingly with the game becoming active participants. When a skill player like Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo is with the ball, he is a sheer delight to watch. With the slightest touch of a foot they score and the stadium erupts. The disappointment and satisfaction are equally intense. This very intensity help me to forget the drudgery of my life for at least ninety minutes.

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