Substance Of The Poem Meeting At Night | Robert Browning | Class XI

The speaker undertakes a long journey in the sea and on land to meet his beloved secretly at night. The sea is grey and the land is black. The speaker moves towards the land on a boat. A yellow Half Moon is visible in the sky. It looks large and low. The waves are very active and playful. It seems that they have just risen from sleep and are dancing in joy. The waves look like fiery ringlets. The speaker rows on until his boat run into the slushy sand.

The speaker disembarks from the boat. He then was a mile on the warm sea beach and crosses three fields to reaches the destination of a farm. There, he taps at the window-pane Of the farmhouse. His lady-loved response by lighting a match within. In joy yet in fear of being discovered, they speak in whispers. Only the sound of beating the lover’s heart can be heard.

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