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Ghosts on the Verandah Questions and Answers

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 1

Fill in the following table with information from the text:

(a) The author went  to stay at Anil’s houseAnil’s father was out of town.
(b) Anil’s mother told them ghost storiesAnil’s mother’s memory was stored with an incredible amount of folklore, and she would sometimes astonish other with her stories of spirits and mischievous ghosts.
(c) The boy in the classroom could stretch his hands four yardsHe was a Jinn.
(d) Anil wished to be a JinnHe would gain advantage in Volleyball matches.

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 2

Answer the following questions:

(a) What attracts a Jinn?

Answer: Jinns are attracted by long hair and pretty black eyes.

(b)  List the activities of an annoyed Munjia?

Answer: When a Munjia is annoyed, he rushes out from his tree and upsets tongas, bullock-carts and cycles and even a bus.

(c) Why must one be careful while yawning under a peepul tree at night?

Answer: One must be careful while yawning under a peepul tree at night because if someone does it without covering the mouth or snapping one’s fingers in front of the mouth, the munjia will jump down the throat and completely ruin one’s digestion.

(d) How did the boy in the class show that he was a Jinn?

Answer: When the teacher asked the boy to fetch a book, remaining seated he stretched his hand about four yards before touching the book. This is how the boy in the class showed that he was a Jinn.

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 3

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the box given below. You may need to change the form of the words:

incredible, fetch, cupboard, agility

(a) Since she is a gymnast, she has great_______________________

Answer: agility

(b) Tuhin _______ a bucket of water.

Answer: fetch

(c) Your story is _____________

Answer: incredible

(d) The utensils are kept inside a

Answer: cupboard

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 4

Complete the following comparisons by correctly choosing the word from the box given below:

cold, hot, black, proud, brave, green, heavy, gentle, firm, busy

(a) as black as coal

(b) as brave as a lion

(c) as busy as a bee

(d) as gentle as a lanb

(e) as proud as a peacock

(f) as green as grass

(g) as firm as a rock

(h) as heavy as lead

(i) as cold as ice

(j) as hot as fire

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 5

Rewrite the following sentences using the adverbs given in brackets in the appropriate place:

(a) This exercise is easy. (too)

Answer: This exercise is too easy.

(b) The train is fast. (fairly)

Answer:  The train is fairly fast.

(c) The bottle is full. (quite)

Answer: The bottle is quite full.

(d) We won the match. (nearly)

Answer: We nearly won the match.

(e) We are late, let us hurry. (rather)

Answer: We are late, let us rather hurry.

(f) She has come in. (just)

Answer: She has just come in.

(g) He makes a mistake. (never)

Answer: He never makes a mistake.

(h) I get up early in the morning. (always)

Answer:always get up early in the morning.

(i) I am sorry. (very)

Answer: I am very sorry.

(j) He was intelligent to solve the problem. (enough)

Answer: He was enough intelligent to solve the problem.

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 6

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Anil’s mother thought that seeing a snake early in the morning was lucky.

(b) Kamal and the author did not want to go to their room because they were afraid of ghosts.

(c) When Anil’s mother saw the boys rushing about, she gave another scream and collapsed on a cot.

(d) Kamal sang softly because he wanted to raise their spirit.

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 7

Answer the following sentences:-

(a) Why did Anil and Mulia appear “pale and anxious”?

Answer: Anil and Mulia appeared “pale and anxious” because they had succeeded in frightening themselves as a result of Anil’s mother’s ghost stories.

(b) What did Anil’s mother think when she saw the room empty?

Answer:  When Anil’s mother saw the room empty, she thought that the ghosts had carried the boys away along with their beds.

(c) what was the effect of Kamal’s singing on the author?

Answer: Kamal’s singing made the atmosphere more eerie for the author.

(d) Do you think Anil’s mother believed in ghosts? Give a reason for your answer?

Answer: Yes, Anil’s mother believed in ghosts. Anil’s mother took the pyjamas as ghosts and gave a scream and collapsed on a cot.

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 8

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

(a) I ____________ speak English.

Answer: can

(b) We eat so that we ________live.

Answer: can

(c) You ________go now.

Answer: must

(d)  _______you have luck.

Answer: May

(e) We _______be rewarded.

Answer: will

(f) I _________not surrender.

Answer: will

(g) You _________be able to do it in no time.

Answer: must

(h) We ___________help the poor.

Answer: should

(i) I _______never tell lies.

Answer: should

(j) Tomorrow we _________have a holiday.

Answer: will

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 9

Fill in the blanks with the correct tense of the verb given in brackets:

(a) She ran so fast that I ______(can) not overtake her.

Answer: could

(b) I thought I ________(see) you yesterday.

Answer: saw

(c) He helps his neighbours more than he _______(help) his family.

Answer: helps

(d)  When I saw her, I _______(speak) to her.

Answer: spoke

(e) The more he learned, the more he _______(want) to learn.

Answer: wanted

(f) There was a rumour that he _________(die) in the accident.

Answer: died

(g) We thought that she ________(will) succeed.

Answer: would

(h) I shall nurse her that she ________(may) recover.

Answer: may

(i) I left the place as soon as I ________(hear) the news.

Answer: heard

(j) Honesty _________(be) the best policy. 

Answer: is

Ghosts on the Verandah Activity 10

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct verb given in brackets:

(a) All that glitters ________(is/are) not gold.

Answer: are

(b) The great poet and novelist _______(is/are) dead.

Answer: is

(c) Each of the boys _________ (was/were) given a prize.

Answer: was

(d)  Salim as well as his friend _______(is/are) honest.

Answer: is

(e) Time and tide ______(wait/waits) for none.

Answer: waits

(f) Neither of the girls ________(has/have) brought her book.

Answer: has

(g) None but the brave __________(deserve/deserves) the fair.

Answer: deserve

(h) Three-forths of the meal _________(was/were)neaten.

Answer: was

(ii) Eiyher you or he ______(has/have) done it.

Answer: has

(j) Slow and steady _______(win/wins) the race.

Answer: wins

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