The Vagabond Questions and Answers | Class 7

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The Vagabond Questions and Answers

The Vagabond Activity 1

Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives

(a) The vagabond wishes to have his bed

(i) In a frosty field

(ii) in the bush

(iii) at a roadside inn

Answer: The Vagabond wishes to have his bed – in the bush.

(b) The vagabond prays for a life

(i) In close contact with nature

(ii) devoted to social work

(iii) Spent in comfort and luxury

Answer: The vagabond prays for a life – in close contact with nature.

(c) The vagabond does not seek

(i) The heaven above him

(ii) wealth

(iii) the road below him

Answer: The vagabond does not seek – wealth.

The Vagabond Activity 2

Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The vagabond wants the way to be far away from him. (F)

Supporting Statement: And the byway nigh me.

(b) The vagabond dips the bread in the river water. (T)

Supporting Statement: Bread I dip in the river.

(c) When autumn comes the birds are going to be happy with their chirpings. (F)

Supporting Statement: Or let autumn fall on me/.. Silencing the bird on tree.

(d) The vagabond will not fear to face Autumn or Winter. (T)

Supporting Statement: Not to autumn will I yield/Not to winter even!

The Vagabond Activity 3

Complete the sentences meaningfully:

(a) The vagabond is a person who ___________________________ .

Answer: The vagabond is a person who is a homeless wanderer.

(b) The vagabond wants a life of _____________________________ .

Answer: The vagabond wants a life of close contact with nature.

(c) The vagabond asks for____________________________________ .

Answer: The vagabond asks for the heaven above him and the road below.

(d) The vagabond does not ___________________________________ to know him.

Answer: The vagabond does not want a friend to know him.

The Vagabond Activity 4

Answer following questions:

(a) What kind of  a life does the vagabond want ?

Answer: The vagabond wants a life in close contact with nature. There should not be any care or anxiety.

(b) What are the thing that do not interest the vagabond?

Answer: Wealth, hope of love, a friend to know him are the thing of least interest for the vagabond.

(c) What would vagabond do when winter falls?

Answer: When winter falls the vagabond will remain out in the field.

(d) How does the poet describe a field in autumn?

Answer: In autumn a field becomes covered with frost. According to the poet, a frosty field in autumn is as white as meal.

(e) Why does the poet repeat the second stanza once again?

Answer: The poet repeats the second stanza to say boldly that to be a lover of nature he is ready to face all the challenges of life and nature.

(f) What message does the poet want to give through the poem?

Answer: Here poet’s message is that human life is fruitful and meaningful only in the presence of nature.

The Vagabond Activity 5

Match the words in Column A with their meaning in Column B:

1. lovea stream or a rivulet (4)
2. heaventhat which is near (3)
3. nigha feeling of cafe and understanding (1)
4. lavea person who stands by at all times (6)
5. frostycovered with thin ice (5)
6. frienda place where a soul finds peace (2)

The Vagabond Activity 6

Fill in the blanks with the antonyms of the words given in brackets:

(a) There is a ________________ (warm) breeze blowing from the sea.

Answer: There is a cold breeze blowing from the sea.

(b) His coat is _____________ (white) in colour.

Answer: His coat is black in colour.

(c) After spring comes ___________ (winter).

Answer: After spring comes summer.

(d) From the mountain top, I could see the river flowing ______________ (above).

Answer: From the mountain top, I could see the river flowing below.

(e) I do not want to be ___________ (early) for the meeting.

Answer: I do not want to be late for the meeting.

The Vagabond Activity 7

Make as many new words as you can from the poem by adding suffixes. One is done for you:

_yWealthy, earthy
_lessLoveless, hopeless
_lymanly, likely
_erblower, sooner
_r lover, giver

The Vagabond Activity 8(a)

Find participle adjectives from the given sentences:

(a) He got down from a running bus.

Answer: running

(b) The loaded truck hit the tree.

Answer: loaded

(c) I met a charming woman today.

Answer: charming

(d) Don’t eat rotten mangoes.

Answer: rotten

(e) Cricket is an exciting game.

Answer: exciting

The Vagabond Activity 10

Complete the sentences with adjectives in their proper degree:

(a) Ram is ________ (old) than Shyam.

Answer: Older

(b) Mt. Everest is the _________ (high) peak in the world.

Answer: highest

(c) A mango is as ________ (sweet) to taste as an apple.

Answer: sweet

(d) Darjeeling is __________ (cool) than Siliguri.

Answer: cooler

(e) Kolkata is the __________(large) city in West Bengal.

Answer: largest

(f) Sita is ________(tall) than Reshma.

Answer: talller

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