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Goodbye to the Moon Questions and Answers

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:

(1) Kepler’s home, the Moon, appeared very small from the view room. [5]

(2) Kepler Masterman was born on the Moon. [1]

(3) He was making his first-ever journey to the earth with his father. [4]

(4) He had heard about planet Earth from his mother. [2]

(5) The governor was surrounded by reporters at the centre of the space station. [6]

(6) Kepler’s father was the governor of the Moon. [3]

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 2

Fill in the blanks with words from the help box. There is one extra word.

Kepler had seen the _____________ of the earth. he was making an ____________ to the earth for the first time. Kepler left _____________ as he had wait for the journey to begin. The moon _____________very small when he looked out into space.

Help Boxexpedition, appeared, restless, photographs, crept

Answer: Kepler had seen the photograph of the earth. He was making an expedition to the earth for the first time. Kepler left restless as he had to wait for the journey to begin. The moon appeared very small when he looked out into space.

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The Earth ferry was three times as big as the Moon ferries. 

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: It was three times as big as our Moon-ferries.

(b) There is hardly any water on the earth. 

Answer: False

Supporting Statement: “The planet’s all water!” I gasped.

(c) On Moon, oxygen is more easily available than water. 

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: On Moon, water was harder to get than oxygen.

(d) Kepler weighed six times more than his usual weight. 

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: I realized I weighed six times my normal weight.

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 5

(a) Whose excited voices did Kepler hear?

Answer: Kepler heard the people’s excited voices.

(b) Why was water precious on Moon?

Answer: The water was precious on Moon because there is hardly any water on Moon.

(c) Why was Kepler feeling unwell?

Answer: Kepler was feeling unwell for the weight difference.

(d) What led his father to help Kepler as they landed?

Answer: The situation that Kepler struggled to unfasten his safety belt his father to help him as they landed.

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 6

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

(a) Someone called out, “Governor, the Press, and TV are waiting for you.”the Governor went right away after he was called.
(b) Kepler realized standing was tough and walking was very difficult.Kepler practiced walking down the aisle
(c) All the cultural ties of theGovernor were with the Earth.It is good to be back on Earth.
(d) Kepler was not wearing a space suit.It was strange being outside without a space suit.

Goodbye to the Moon Activity 7

(a) Who were waiting for the Governor of the Moon?

Answer: Reporters from Press and TV were waiting for the Government of the Moon.

 (b) How, according to Kepler’s father, could the difference the between Earth and Moon people be resolved?

Answer: According to Kepler’s father, the difference between  Earth and Moon People could be resolved in a friendly manner.

(c) How is Kepler’s father attached to the Moon?

Answer: Kepler’s father is attached to the Moon as his son was born three, his wife was buried there and his work is there.

(d) Why did Kepler feel that earth would certainly be fun?

Answer: Kepler felt that earth would certainly be fun being without a space-suit.

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