(All Activity) Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Questions and Answers

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Let’s Do The All Activity Of The “Land Of The Pharaohs” Story

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Questions and Answers

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Activity 1

Tick (✓) the correct alternative:

(A) Ishan and his mother  visited (Giza/Luxor/ Alexandria) to see the pyramids.

Answer: Ishan and his mother  visited Giza to see the pyramids.

(b) A pyramid is a huge (rectangular/ cylindrical/ triangular) monument.

Answer: A pyramid is a huge triangular monument.

(c) River (Nile/Bhagirathi/ Volga) flows through Egypt.

Answer: River Nile flows through Egypt.

(d) The teen emperor of Egypt was (Khufu/Cephran/ Tutenkhamun).

Answer: The teen emperor of Egypt was Tutenkhamun.

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Activity 2

Complete the followings sentences with information from the text:

(a) The Pharaohs lived _________________________________

Answer: The Pharaohs lived in Egypt.

(b) Sphinx in a rock statue _________________________________

Answer: Sphinx is a rock statue with a human head and a lion’s body.

(c) Ishan’s mother went to fetch ________________ from the car.

Answer: Ishan’s mother went to fetch a couple of sandwiches and water from the car.

(d) The Egyptian  priests preserved the dead bodies by using _________________________________

Answer: The Egyptian priests preserved the dead bodies by using Spices, chemicals and oils.

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Activity 4

Fill in the chart with information from the text :

The SphinxTook Ishan back to ancient Egypt
IshanSaw the river Nilehe closed his eyes and then opened them again.
Royal PersonsHad to go through mummificationBefore burial
Howard carterDug Tutenkhamun’s tomb1992

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Activity 5

Answer the following question in complete sentences :

(a) Why was Ishan’s father not able to accompany him to Egypt?

Answer: Ishan’s mother won a prize at a singing competition. It sponsored the tour to Cairo for two persons only. So, Ishan’s father wanted Ishan to go there with his mother.

(b) What does the Sphinx represent?

Answer: The sphinx represents intelligence and strength.

(c) What is the biggest pyramid of Egypt?

Answer: Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid is the biggest pyramid of Egypt.

(d) Why was Ishan’s mother surprised when she returned to her son?

Answer: Ishan’s mother was surprised to see that Ishan did not move from the spot where she left him.

Land Of The Pharaohs Class 6 Activity 6 (a)

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs:

(i) The girl _____ playing alone.

Answer: The girl is playing alone.

(ii) A carpenter and a blacksmith ________ in our street.

Answer: A carpenter and a blacksmith work in our street.

(iii) The king _______ very powerful.

Answer: The king was very powerful.

(iv) The sisters and brothers ___________ running in the field.

Answer: The sisters and brothers are running in the field.

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