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West Bengal Board Class 6 Chapter 2 The Adventurous Clown Story All Activity Answers

The Adventurous Clown Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) Tuffy jumped at the reins. [4]

(2) The toy clown wanted to be a hero. [1]

(3) The farmer was terribly angry. [6]

(4) There was a grand race between two wooden horses and carts driven by wooden farmers. [3]

(5) He found the little corner of the toy shelf to be dull. [2]

(6) The cart turned over. [5]

The Adventurous Clown Activity 2

Fill in the blanks with words given in the Help Box. There is one extra word:

Tuffy, the clown lived in a ______________. He wished to do something ________________. His friend, timothy, felt that the clown always ___________________. But Tuffy thought that the adventures were always ______________.

[ Help Box:  Exciting, grumbled noble, toyshop, dull ]






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The Adventurous Clown Activity 3

Answer the following question:

“Adventures are always exciting” – Why do you think Tuffy said so?

Answer – Tuffy thinks adventures will make other toys take notice of him.

The Adventurous Clown Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The farmer called the toy clown silly. [TRUE]

S.S – the farmer fell down from the cart because of Tuffy

(b) Tuffy threw all the water at the farmer. [FALSE]

S.S – He climbed the ladder and threw all the water in at the window.

(c) The sailor doll could not cook in peace. [TRUE]

S.S – Can’t I cook in peace without you coming and throwing water at me?

(d) Three goldfish were swimming in a big bowl of water. [FALSE]

S.S – Two goldfish were swimming in the bowl.

The Adventurous Clown Activity 5

Answer The following questions:

(a) What did Tuffy do when he got upset?

Answer – When Tuffy was upset then he ran out and sat down in a toy farm wiping his tears.

(b) How did the toy clown put out the fire?

Answer – He threw a big bucket of water at the window.

(c) Why was the sailor doll angry?

Answer – The sailor doll was angry because she was making porridge and Tuffy ruined it by throwing water on it.

(d) What real adventure did Tuffy find at last?

Answer – At last Tuffy found that a small doll has fallen into a big bowl of water and he needed to rescue her.

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The Adventurous Clown Activity 6

(a) she slipped out and fell on to the table banging her head.The little doll began to cry.
(b) The little doll complained to the policeman about Tuffy.The policeman locked Tuffy in a room in the police station.
(c) Timothy dropped the key to the floor of the roomThe clown quickly unlocked the door.
(d) Tuffy was in real trouble and Timothy saved me.Tuffy decided never to leave the toy shelf again.

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