The Shop That Never Was Question Answer Class 6

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The Shop That Never Was Question Answer

Today in this post we will discuss the answers to all the questions in the story of the shop that never was by H.G Wells the fourth lesson of class 6 English.

আজকে আমাদের এই পোস্টে ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজির চতুর্থ অধ্যায় অর্থাৎ “দ্যা শপ দ্যাথট নেভার ওয়াস ” গল্পের সমস্ত প্রশ্নের উত্তর আলোচনা করব।

Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) The shopman brought out a glass ball from his hair.  [4]

(2) It was a small shop, not so well-lit.  [2]

(3) Gip wanted to take the glass ball.  [3]

(4) Gip dragged his father to the magic shop. [1]

(5) Gip and his father were surprised.  [6]

(6) There were different kinds of magic mirrors in the shop.  [5]

Activity 2

Fill in the blanks using words from the Help-Box:

Gip was keen to enter the magic shop. The shop had many crystal balls. Gip’s father wanted to buy some tricks for his son. The shopman performed an unexpected action.

[Help-Box: scratched, keen, unexpected, tricks, crystal]

Activity 3

Answer The Following Question:

Why did Gip find shopman’s palm blank?

Answer: Gip found the shopman’s palm blank because he was a magician and he vanished the ball from his hand.

Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The shopman drew out a business card from his hair.

Answer: False – He drew a business card from his cheek.

(b) Gip found the magic box in his pocket.

Answer: True – “It’s in your pocket,” he said.

(c) The toy sword was a magic item.

Answer: True – “A Magic Toy Sword—this is a unique one!

(d) The narrator found his full name on the magic box.

Answer: False – Gip’s full name and address on the paper.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why was Gip surprised?

Answer: Gip was surprised because he discovered the magic box his pocket.

(b) Why did the narrator fail to find out the cost of the magic items?

Answer: The narrator failed to find out the cost of the magic items because the shopman does not pay attention to him.

(c) What items did the shopman show to Gip?

Answer: The shopman showed a magic toy sword, magic train, clock, and a box of soldiers to Gip.

(d) What was the cause of the narrator’s amazement?

Answer: The narrator was amazed cause the shopman tied the magic box in a brown paper with gip’s full name and address on the paper.

Activity 6

Fill in the chart with information from the text:

(a) The narrator thought that his son would be frightenedThe narrator tried to prevent the shopman.
(b) Gip’s father jumped at the shopmanHe fell into utter darkness.
(c) The narrator wanted to go away from that place.the narrator called for a cab.
(d) The magic shop was disappeared.Gip’s father went up and down Regent Street looking for the magic shop.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) What did the shopman do with the drum?

Answer: The shopman had put a drum over the boy.

(b) Why did the narrator think that his son would be frightened?

Answer: The narrator thought that his son would be frightened because the shopman had the big drum over the boy.

(c) Where did the narrator again find his son?

Answer: The narrator found his son again a yard away from him on Regent Street.

(d) What was the mental state of the narrator?

Answer: The narrator was at a loss for a second.

Activity 8

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles:

(a) Last week I saw a one- day cricket match between India and Australia.

(b) There is a university in our district

(c) Brutus is an honourable man.

(d) She arrived an hour late.

Activity 9(a)

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

Prevent – We can prevent sickness by washing our hands regularly.

Disappeared – The cat disappeared suddenly from our backyard.

Stared – He stared at the bright stars in the night sky.

Parcel – I received a parcel in the mail yesterday.

Activity 9(b)

Find words from the text which are similar in meaning to the following:

(i) frightened – scared

(ii) at a particular moment – instant

(iii) showing – displaying

(iv) relating to the mind – mental

Activity 10(a)

Suppose you see a strange object displayed on the window of a shop. You go in and ask the shopkeeper about the object. Write a paragraph within sixty words on what you learn about this strange object using the following hints:

The location of the shop – description of the object – conversation you had with the shopkeeper – your feelings

I entered a cozy shop by the corner. A peculiar, glowing orb caught my eye. The shopkeeper explained it was a handmade lamp from distant lands, said to bring luck and serenity. I left feeling intrigued, wondering about its mysterious origins.

Activity 10(b)

Write a paragraph in about sixty words on two of your wishes that you want fulfilled.

I wish for a world where everyone is treated with kindness and respect, no matter their differences. I also wish for the ability to travel and explore different cultures and landscapes, experiencing the beauty of our planet firsthand. These wishes come from a desire for harmony and understanding in our world.

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