A Shipwrecked Sailor Questions And Answers | Class 9

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A Shipwrecked Sailor Questions And Answers

Today in this post we will discuss the answers to all the questions in the story of “A Shipwrecked Sailor“, the eleventh chapter of class 9 English.

আজকে আমাদের এই পোস্টে নবম শ্রেণীর ইংরেজির একাদশ চ্যাপ্টার অর্থাৎ “এ শিপরেকড সৈলোর” কবিতার সমস্ত প্রশ্নের উত্তর আলোচনা করব।

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked in:

(a) 1959

(b) 1559

(c) 1359

(d) 1959

Answer: Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked in 1959.

(2) Robinson Crusoe used to make a

(a) bed

(b) sail

(c) tent

(d) curtain

Answer: Robinson Crusoe used to make a tent.

(3) The distance between the stakes Robinson Crusoe drove into the  ground was

(a) five inches

(b) seven inches

(c) four inches

(d) six inches

Answer: The distance between the stakes Robinson Crusoe drove into the  ground was six inches.

(4) Crusoe saw fair weather in the month of

(a) December

(b) November

(c) September

(d) October

Answer: Crusoe saw fair weather in the month of November.

(5) The journey with the fruit parcel took Crusoe

(a) five days

(b) ten days

(c) three days

(d) four days

Answer: The journey with the fruit parcel took Crusoe three days.

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 2

Answer the following question within fifteen words:

(1) What name did Crusoe give to the dismal island?

Answer: ‘Island of Despair’ is the name Crusoe gave to the dismal island.

(2) Where did he pitch the tent?

Answer: Crusoe found a little plain on the side of the rising hill. There was a hollow place worn in like the entrance to a cave on the rocky wail of the hill. Crusoe pitched the tent on the flat of the green, just before that hollow.

(3) How did Cruse go over the fence?

Answer: Crusoe used a short ladder to go over the fence around his tent.

(4) Why did he keep a journey?

Answer: Crusoe decided to write down his state of affairs and so he began to keep a journal of everyday employment.

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 3

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words : 

(1) Where were the items Robinson Crusoe collected from the wrecked ship?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe collected some food, wood, cable string a knife nails and a gun, a hammock and some canvas with which he made a tent, some ink, paper, and also some money.

(2) How did Crusoe keep track of the number of days he spent on the island?

Answer: Crusoe cut with his knife the date of his landing upon a large post and then he put a notch with his knife for every day. In this way, he kept a track of the number of days he spent on the island.

(3) In what way did Crusoe make himself a lamp?

Answer: Crusoe collected a little tallow clay dish and he added a wick to that. He thus made himself a lamp.

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 4

Underline the adverbs and state kinds:

(a) It is too hot today.

Ans: It is too hot today.

today – adverb of time.

(b) The girl seldom visits my house.

Ans: The girl seldom visits my house.

seldom – adverb of frequency.

(c) He searched everywhere for the book.

Ans: He searched everywhere for the book.

everywhere – adverb of place

(d) The boy runs fast.

Ans: The boy runs fast.

fast – adverb of manner.

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 5

Underline the causes in the following in the following sentence and state what kind of clauses they are:

(a) She asked me what my name was.

Ans: She asked me what my name was.

What my name was – Noun clauses.

(b) He is a friend who has always helped me.

Ans: He is a friend who has always helped me.

who has always helped me – adjective clause.

(c) Please enter the room when you are asked to.

Ans: Please enter the room when you are asked to.

when you are asked to – Adverb clause.

(d) That he will win is known to us.

Ans: That he will win is known to us.

That he will win – Noun clause.

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 6

Identify the following sentence as simple, complex, and compound :

(a) They predicted that it would rain.

Answer: Complex sentence

(b) The weather being, the children went out to play.

Answer: Simple sentence

(c) Ravi woke up early but could not reach school on time

Answer: Compound sentence

(d) Finishing his work. My father returned home.

Answer: Simple sentence

A Shipwrecked Sailor Exercise 7

Do as directed

(a) Tatar hoped to do well in the examination. (change into a complex sentence)

Answer: Tatar hoped that he would do well in the examination.

(b) The Headmistress arrived and the meeting began. (change into a complex sentence)

Answer: The meeting began when the Headmistress arrived.

(c) Ayesha was surprised when she heard the news. (change into a simple sentence)

Answer: Hearing the news Ayesha was surprised.

(d) You must work hard to be successful in life. (change into a compound sentence).

Answer: You must work hard or will be unsuccessful in life.

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