Autumn Question and Answer Class 9

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Autumn Poem Questions And Answers

Today in this post we will discuss the answers to all the questions in the poem of “Autumn”, the third chapter of class 9 English.

আজকে আমাদের এই পোস্টে নবম শ্রেণীর ইংরেজির তৃতীয় চ্যাপ্টার অর্থাৎ “অটম” কবিতার সমস্ত প্রশ্নের উত্তর আলোচনা করব।

Autumn Exercise 1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) All through the day the fitful gust shakes the

(a) window-pane

(b) curtains

(c) casement

(d) door

Answer: All through the day the fitful gust shakes the – casement.

(2) The poet loves to see the shaking twig dance till the

(a) coming of down

(b) end of night

(c) end of afternoon

(d) shut of eve

Answer: The poet loves to see the shaking twig dance till the – shut of eve.

(3) The sparrow sat on the

(a) cottage rig

(b) house-top

(c) mossy elm-tree

(d) casement

Answer: The sparrow sat on the – cottage rig.

(4) The pigeons nestled round the

(a) cage

(b) cote

(c) branch

(d) heath

Answer: The pigeons nestled round the – cote.

(5) The cock was crowing upon the

(a) dunghill

(b) lea

(c) tree tops

(d) mill sails

Answer: The cock was crowing upon the – dunghill.

(6) The grunting pigs

(a) walk slowly

(b) scamper by

(c) scramble and hurry

(d) dive and swim

Answer: The grunting pigs – scramble and hurry.

Autumn Question and Answer Class 9

Autumn Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(i) What happens to the leaves of the mossy elm- tree in autumn?

Answer: The colour of the leaves of the mossy elm tree fades away in autumn. The twirls them by the window pane and down the lane with thousand other leaves.

(ii) What are the things the poet loves to see on November days?

Answer: On November days the poet loves to see the cottage smoke curl up through the trees, the chirping sparrow, the shaking twig, the pigeons sitting in their nest, the cock crowing upon the dung-hill, the mills sailing on the health, the feather from a bird’s body falling on the land, the acorns falling down from the tree and pigs hurrying and falling on their way.

Autumn Exercise 3

State whether the following sentence are in Active or Passive Voice:

(a) Anil will visit his grandmother’s house.

Answer: Active Voice

(b) The President has left his office.

Answer: Active Voice

(c) The project will have been finished by the students.

Answer: Passive Voice

(d) Promita’s leave has been sanctioned by the school authority.

Answer: Passive Voice

Autumn Exercise 4

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) The boy has read out the letter.

Answer: The letter was read out by the boy.

(b) I shall have bought a cricket bat by tomorrow.

Answer: By tomorrow a cricket bat have been bought by me.

(c) Sohini’s friends had organised a picnic.

Answer: A picnic had been organised by Sohini’s friends.

(d) The football team will put up a brave fight.

Answer: A brave fight will be put up by the football team.

Autumn Exercise 5

Change the following sentences into the indirect speech:

(a) I said to him, “Will you share your tiffin with me?”

Answer: I asked him if he would share his tiffin with me.

(b) Anjan’s mother said, “Your father has left for Mumbai.”

Answer: Anjan’s mother said that his father had left for Mumbai.

(c) The girls triumphantly said, “Hurrah! we have won the won the match.”

Answer: The girls triumphantly exclaimed and said that they had won the match.

(d) He says, “Let you be successful in life.”

Answer: He wished for my success in life.

(e) The captain informed, “The tournament was postponed last month.”

Answer: The captain informed that the tournament had been postponed the previous month.

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